The body of these
tube-shaped pouches
contains thin film.


Usability plus
green design

Tube-Pouch is a tube and pouch hybrid using less plastic
whilst maintaining easy handling.


A sheet of GL BARRIER* Film is formed in a tubular shape and is then sealed.
The plastic-molded pouch is then attached to the other end of the tube.

*GL BARRIER is the highest level of transparent barrier film in the world, which was developed and patented by Toppan.


Easy to squeeze

The easy-to-squeeze structure - flat shoulder and thin-walled body - enables consumers to squeeze out the product to the last drop, reducing waste loss.

Conventional laminated tube
Tube Pouch


Less plastic use

Less plastic use

More sustainable packaging

Tube Pouch in a mono-material structure and paper-based Tube Pouch with less plastics are under development.

Less plastic use

Versatile application

Ideal for various non-food items such as facial creams and scrubs.

Toppan's filling machines are able to meet your production requirements.